Kate Nineteen (ultimatepsi) wrote,
Kate Nineteen

Winter Break Party! Dec. 29

happyfunpaul and I both have time off from school, so we are hosting a party, on December 29th. The party will be at my place (ping me if you need the address), starting at 4pm and going until people get tired (probably around 11pm). Since we like music and games and conversation, but only have two separate party areas, we are dividing the party space-time. In the first half of the party, there will be music upstairs and conversation downstairs. In the second half there will be conversation upstairs and games downstairs. Feel free to come to for any part of the time you'd like to. We will provide some snacks and drinks, but more tasty things are appreciated. This party is open invite for anyone who knows either of us and their significant others.

We hope to see you then!
Tags: friends, games, music, party
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