Kate Nineteen (ultimatepsi) wrote,
Kate Nineteen

LARP stuff

So I bid a game, "Kidnapped!", for Festival of the LARPs, only to discover that the LARP community around here has roughly no interest in create-your-own-character games. So I have withdrawn that game bid and am instead going to run a Scandinavian game, "New Voices in Art" instead. So if you were unsure what to play in the Saturday morning slot of Festival you may want to check that out.

I still think that the premise of Kidnapped! could make for a good LARP, but I clearly need to write character sheets. I don't have time now, but that may be a summer project. If anyone is interested in working with me on that, please let me know; I'd love to have a co-writer or two!

Other games I'm thinking of playing are as follows, though I probably will have to leave some time free for work during the weekend.
Friday night: Timelines, since I love time travel stories
Saturday afternoon: Concordance Station.
Saturday night: Resonance. I had a similar idea for a LARP once, and so I'm really interested in seeing how this plays out. Also, I've enjoyed other games by the authors.
Sunday afternoon: Costumed Henchmen. People at SLAW seemed to enjoy this.
Tags: game dev, larp
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