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Arisia! Life rocks!

Arisia was really awesome for me this year! I was running music track, which went really well. I was literally unable to attend all of the music programming and events, but all the ones I went to had good energy, and most had good attendance as well. I had a number of people tell me that they enjoyed the music programming and some others tell me that they wished they had made it to more of the music programming, which I appreciated. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Personally, I sang a lot more than I usually do at con. I ran out of repertoire and voice Sunday night, which made me sad, but was worth it. Some new people showed up for open filk and some of them performed songs as well, so there was new music, and new people, and it made me very happy. One of high point of the con was observing orawnzva inspire Seanan McGuire to ASL death threats by parodying one of her songs during the Mad Science song circle.

The Stranger Ways/Sassafrass concert was incredible. Congratulations to aurelia_star, juldea, faerieboots, emp42ress, natbudin, zebediah, and usernamenumber!

I didn't make to much non-music stuff. Happily, I did manage carve out some time to talk with phoenix1701 and Craig, both of whom I only see a few times a year. I briefly saw many other friends and shared hugs and short conversations. The only non-music panel I went to was "Getting Geeky about Religion," which was nifty.

Side note: On Friday, I got a student teaching placement, relieving what had been a major concern. So yay!
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